And so there was snow

I see snow on the ground! I’m sitting here on the plane wearing my sandals. My shoes are in my carry on but I haven’t switched yet. It was so good to be in the sun. I’m gonna enjoy that feeling as long as I can. Right now we are over the Sudbury area.

Just want to also add a picture of Johannesburg at night. It was a nice view.

There is no doubt about it. As I’m getting closer to landing on Canadian soil, I’m feeling so excited to see James again. And our puppy who has grown so much since I left. I figure she is 10 lbs heavier and quite a lot taller and longer. Hope she remembers me. I know the horses won’t have forgotten me. There are barn chores ahead tonight. Home sweet home 🏑

And… I can’t wait to share what I have learned with you all. The blog is reflecting just a fraction of everything. I tried to make sure there were lots of pictures since that is what I enjoy when reading a blog. How do you take pictures with academic content? I tried my best to choose the interesting pictures and then add some people, animal, cultural and landscape content. Those things of course are the underpinning framework of what also happened academically.

I’ll be back in the office Wednesday. Can’t wait to see you all again.


Animal sightings in Pilanesberg

I’ll kick it off with a rare sighting of the leopard. They see a leopard about once every six months. This one jumped out in front of our vehicle and the proceeded to walk on the road for a long time.

Here are some rhinos They are white rhinos since they are eating grass. Black rhinos eat leaves if the trees. White rhinos are more docile than the black rhinos.

This rhino had a little bit of speed to him or her.

Lots of zebras around. Many foals too. Locals call them Pajama Donkeys.

I realize that I have a elephant videos on my camera and can’t transfer from there to here with a computer. You’ll have to make do with these ones from the phone.

Frankfurt Airport

I’ll just kick it off with a picture taken as we had just landed in Frankfurt. Oh so much grey. I don’t know how to go back to the “cold” after all that good sunshine. I sure did get my super dose of vitamin D!

The flight didn’t have any outlet to charge my phone so I’m trying to catch it up now. I’ll see about posting a few animal videos and pictures. You know I’m a huge animal lover so if you are too I hope you will enjoy seeing the pictures.

Au Revoir South Africa

The trip back home began a few hours ago. Now I’m sitting at my gate with South African Airlines and awaiting to board the plane to Frankfurt, Germany. It’s another 15 minutes till the scheduled take off.

I’m snacking on some biltong and have a pack of droewurs to go too. Eating the last bites of the best snacks. Wow is it ever good. Need I say it’s a major carnivore treat?

This is my last picture (I’m not much of a selfie photographer!) before departure. I’ll try to bring some of the sunshine back to Canada for you.

Good morning everyone

The sun has risen in South Africa. The count down is on and I’m departing to go home in 27 hours. But who is counting?!!

I’d like to upload some videos here of some of the animal sightings but I have exhausted the phone memory and I do need memory to be able to communicate via whatsapp. Almost all communication is done via whatsapp so I am conscientious of conserving the bit of memory power that I have left to ensure I can communicate up until takeoff. For now I have deleted all non essential apps on the phone. I am thinking that when I reach Frankfurt Germany for the layover then I have no specific need for whatsapp and can then upload some elephant and rhino videos.

As you may be able to tell from the top picture, I was on the game drive at 530 am this morning. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any lions, cheetahs or leopards. We did see elephants, rhinos, hippos, impalas, giraffes and zebras. Maybe we will be fortunate tomorrow morning to see the lion. Tonight I’m dining outside in the boma and I really don’t want to encounter the lion then.


Well, I’m taking two days off. Yes, the last thing I do on this journey is to do something special just for me. I’m staying in Pilanesberg National Park today Friday and tomorrow Saturday. Sunday is my travel day; it’s a 32 hour trip from the time I leave the lodge in Pilanesberg till I land in London, Ontario on Monday March 25. I sincerely hope my husband won’t forget to pick me up… lol. If he is half as excited to see me as I am to see him, I’ll be very happy.

Since you have traveled with me this far I will spoil you with a few pictures from the park. Here you go.

Visiting Freedom Park

Today I visited Freedom Park. It was intended that I’d visit the park with students but due to their strike it didn’t happen that way. Instead I had the privilege to visit the park with my host Gerda and Dr. Lionel Green-Thompson who is Dean of the medical school at SMU and his wife.

Freedom Park was established as the South African government’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It took into account the public’s need for a memorial to fittingly honour those who sacrificed their lives to win freedom. It also celebrates and explores the country’s diverse peoples, and our common humanity, through compelling stories, performances, exhibits and architecture.

Here we are sitting in what’s called the waiting room on the couch that is used by the security guards when the president is visiting.

Next picture is of me sitting in the chair that was favoured by Nelson Mandela when he had a function at the site. What an honour to have today. The door behind leads into the boardroom for official functions.